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Marketing Solutions

With our knowledge of the industry and strong local partnerships, Franco Pacific Studies delivers projects and programs that meet the needs of education providers whilst providing them with industry-specific solutions.

Franco Pacific Studies provides a range of local, national and international education industry services including:

Local and International Marketing

Our expertise includes:

International Student Recruitment

As an education agent, Franco Pacific Studies informs and advises international students on Australian and in particular, Gold Coast education and training. We assist with enrolment in institutions across all sectors including schools, Vocational Education and Training (VET), Universities and English language schools.

Franco Pacific Studies recruit students globally, with an emphasis on students from French speaking countries, and in particular, France, New Caledonia, Tahiti, Mauritius and Reunion.

Study Tours

Our experienced consultants will design and develop a range of study tours for providers:

Consultancy Services

Franco Pacific Studies assists providers expand their businesses with strategic planning and intelligent execution. We understand the needs of the education and training provider, whether they are for research, assistance in designing marketing strategies, or direct sales.

Our experience in education allows us to analyse and make recommendations on diverse projects and programs, providing relevant and sound advice to education providers.

Project Management

Our company has long standing relationships with local, national and international government offices, which affords us a detailed understanding of the key industry issues and operational drivers for the industry.

At Franco Pacific Studies we deliver quality and cost effective services. Our core values centre on a commitment of working together, which ensures that our clients receive precise and accurate results whilst maintaining a high level of customer service.

We can oversee every stage of a project from identifying needs and planning how to meet those needs, implementing and managing the project, reporting on outcomes and providing follow-up advice and support.

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